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Mount Olive Houston, TX June 20, 2021, FATHER’S DAY

Mark 4:35-41, WHO IS JESUS, is He Absent or Always Present?

Main Idea: Jesus rules over all things and cares for you.

Grace, Mercy and Peace to you from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

During this month, the sermon series theme is: Who is Jesus?  We have looked at the following questions:

  • Is Jesus a Lunatic?  He welcomes all people as his brother and sisters, not just his blood family.
  • Is Jesus just a teacher?  He is more than a teacher; he is the son of God who brings the Kingdom of God.

Today we examine Is Jesus Asleep?  Is he not paying attention to what is going on around me?  We will hear that Jesus rules over all things and cares for you.  


Previous to the great storm that rises on the lake of Galilee, Jesus gets into a boat and says, “Let’s go to the other side”.  They left the crowd behind.  There was not only the boat which contained Jesus, but also “other” boats that joined them.  While they were on the lake a furious squall came up and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped.

Jesus sleeps while a furious squall breaks on the Sea of Galilee, vv. 37f

You may be asking, like others have asked, why is Jesus sleeping during this terrible storm?  He simply is tired.  Remember he is true God, but he is also true man.  As a man he gets tired, and he needs sleep. 

The disciples woke him and said to him, Jesus, don’t you care if we drown, v. 38f?

We also find ourselves in times of trouble and can wonder, “Does Jesus really care about me”?  The answer is he does.  Why he allows this allegorical storm in your life cannot be answered, but I can tell you that he does care for you.  He cared for all of creation to go to the cross and die for our sins.  He cares for you so much that he wants a relationship with you.


How could Jesus sleep during such a wild storm that almost swamps the boat?  This is Jesus as not just true man, but also true God.  He knows that his loving Father has all things under his control, even though it does not look like it to the human eye.  Jesus knew what the writer to the Proverbs knew:

Proverbs 19:23, The fear of the LORD leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble. NIV

Jesus rises from his nap, rebukes the wind and the waves and the wind dies down, and the lake becomes completely calm.  In verse 40 Jesus says TO THEM, “WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID?  Have you still no faith?” ESV

What are you afraid of?  None of us has probably faced exile and abandonment.  An early church leader by the name of John Chrysostom made a great statement on the power of God’s supply of faith in response to our fear.

Illustration on fear: One of the most gifted speakers in church history was John Chrysostom—the name comes from a Greek word meaning “golden tongued.” John was sent from Antioch to what was then Constantinople where he preached fearlessly in the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. His denunciation of the lavish extravagance of the rich and ruling class and his condemnation of excess infuriated many, including Empress Eudoxia who arranged for him to be exiled.

When he was told of his fate, Chrysostom responded: “What can I fear? Will it be death? But you know that Christ is my life, and that I shall gain by death. Will it be exile? But the earth and all its fullness is the Lord’s. Will it be the loss of wealth? But we brought nothing into the world, and can carry nothing out. Thus all the terrors of the world are contemptible in my eyes, and I smile at all its good things. Poverty I do not fear. Riches I do not sigh for. Death I do not shrink from.”

Far too many today are more worried about what people think than about what God thinks. The desire not to offend others (which is not a bad thing in itself) is often elevated to be the most important thing. As a result, many shrink from speaking the truth.

The fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord will be kept safe.” NIV Proverbs 29:25

In fact, the main reason he allows trouble, like this storm with his disciples is that we would see his strength and really know that this man Jesus, is God and he cares about me.  Jesus wants to use these situations in our life to increase our faith.


Notice that:

The disciples are rebuked in v. 40, not for their words but for their lack of faith – Buls

Our troubles can get between us and God, but God wants our troubles to push us closer to him.  Jesus is really saying to his followers, “WHY ARE YOU SUCH COWARDS AND HOW IS IT THAT YOU ARE STILL NOT YET TRUSTING IN ME?”  Jesus always wants to hear our complaints.  Do any of you know how to complain?  Yeah, we all do.  This is one reason why the book of Psalms was written: it lists complaining to God more than any other book.

Our faith is in Jesus, who has guaranteed strength beyond our greatest difficulties.

Sometimes you have to look at the troubles we experience as God wanting to bring us into a new chapter of our life.  If you look to the next chapter of Mark 5 we see that what they meet on the other side is a person who is Demon Possessed.  Jesus wants his followers to see that His power is greater than the Devils.

God’s love is not concerned with appearances, but his greatest concern is to celebrate his love for all.

A man who was commissioned to paint a picture of the Prodigal Son embracing FATHER WITH TWO DIFFERENT COLORED SHOES. He went into his work fervently, laboring to produce a picture worthy of telling the story. Finally, the day came when the picture was complete, and he unveiled the finished painting. The scene was set outside the father’s house, and showed the open arms of each as they were just about to meet and embrace. The man who commissioned the work was well pleased, and was prepared to pay the painter for his work, when he suddenly noticed a detail that he had missed. Standing out in the painting above everything else in the scene, was the starkly apparent fact that the father was wearing one red shoe and one blue shoe. He was incredulous. How could this be, that the painter could make such an error? He asked the painter, and the man simply smiled and nodded, assuring the man, “Yes, this is a beautiful representation of the love of God for His children.” “What do you mean?” he asked, puzzled. “The father in this picture was not interested in being color-coordinated or fashion-conscious when he went out to meet his son. In fact, he was in such a hurry to show his love to his son, he simply reached and grabbed the nearest two shoes that he could find. “He is the God of the Unmatched Shoes.” 2 2 Contributed by: Wayne Major found at Sermon Central

May this peace which passes every single human understanding keep your hearts and your minds in the one true faith, in Christ Jesus to life everlasting, Amen.


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